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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this shop?

To provide products designed to reduce stigma and stereotypes of people with visual impairments. Technology has created the possibility to connect and share with people we might otherwise never meet. Cane and Compass is taking full advantage of this opportunity by providing a platform for professional and social connections.

How can a shirt do that?

We design BIG and BOLD designs purposefully to grab peoples attention and get people to ask questions. Conversations can be started anywhere and this includes social media! #itsjustacane

These are more than points of sale, these are places conversations are being started and awareness is being made!


How is the money made from sales used?

Money made from the shop is used to pay the costs of running the Cane and Compass Blog and Shop and keeping products and shipping supplies in stock. All sales are fulfilled by the creator Ashley Broussard and dropped off at the post office by her! 

We also make an effort to participate in fundraising campaigns. In 2018 Cane and Compass has participated in two fundraisers and helped raise $795 that has been donated to non-profits that serve the blind and visually impaired.


Dear Cane and Compass,

Thank you for your support during our National White Cane Safety Day 2017 Celebration. We were able to empower our VI students with a sense of pride as they successfully educated almost 400 of their sighted elementary peers about the importance and symbolism of the white cane.

Through the #It’s Just a Cane social media campaign we were able to effectively reduce stigma and stereotypes of people with visual impairment while creating a dialog among sighted and non-sighted peers alike. The social media campaign provided our students with a platform to showcase their abilities and create a sense of inclusion and connection in a population which can typically be subject to disconnection and isolation. Perhaps most importantly it was so much fun!!”

-Dr. Nicholas B. Casias, Ed.D. COMS


Dear Cane and Compass,

My 12 year old daughter finally found her passion of riding horese after many years of not figuring out where she fit. I wore my Long sleeve Tee there at our barn, and everyone was so curious what it meant. I shared the message of belonging without judgement and it was such a positive learning moment for everyone. Thank you Ashley for giving me a form to raise that conversation!

-Amy Averweg 

How did this all get started?!

I am Ashley Broussard, a daughter, friend, and best of all, an Orientation and Mobility Specialist.

As I progressed through the O&M program at CSULA and began student teaching, I quickly realized there is a shortage of resources for creative instruction. There are numerous videos and tutorials all over the web that show how to perform O&M techniques, but a lack of resources to aid specialists to teach clients/students concepts in fun, motivating, creative ways.

I was inspired to design Cane and Compass: Pointing the Way for Creative Orientation and Mobility Instruction (Est. 2015) as an online space for all O&M Specialists to visit and use with the hope that there can be a collective resource for creative lesson planning.

Cane and Compass Shop was created as an extension to the blog and launched in 2017. 

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